Kentwood Real Estate


In 1952, Phillips Petroleum purchased the 640 acre Lichen Ranch, including the 110 acre Lake Agnes, and began development of an expansive corporate retreat known as Rabbit Ears Lodge.  For nearly 20 years oil executives and their families vacationed at the Lodge and enjoyed its quiet and unspoiled surroundings. 

In 1972 Phillips Petroleum sold Lichen Ranch to Lake Agnes Land and Livestock.

In 1980, Lichen Ranch was subdivided into 18 35 acre parcels and that same year Rabbit Ears Lodge was purchased by a religious foundation and became home to “Wilds of the Rockies”, a summer camp for children.  Reportedly over 35,000 children attend the camp over the years.

In 2006, Rabbit Ears Lodge was purchased by its current owners.  Working with architects, they completely redesigned the floor-plan of the Lodge to a single family residence.  Though the home was taken down to the studs, the owners took careful consideration of the historical footprint of the property and included and enhanced many of its original features.